A narratively compelling game with rogue-like mechanics and french people in space.

Use the mouse to move your spacecraft and avoid the mines that your shield can't defuse while taking care of your comrade.

A big thanks to Shika, who helped me with the music, Sandrine who did most of the dialogues and Margot who helped testing the game.

Made withAudacity, p5.js
Tags2D, Mouse only, Top-Down
Average sessionA few seconds


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Is that... Evangelion?

This is really neat game with great sound too. I like that it's too games in one, avoid and collecting mines at the same time. The only thing I'd change is make the mines and the players brighter, or make the background a little darker to make it easier to tell apart.

You finished it ! Until a late stage of development i had no music for the end so i tried to think of something sad for the death and happy for the win : evangelion is what came out of my synth.
Thanks for the feedback on the visuals, i though it was contrasted enough but maybe my view was biased by the time i didn't want to spend in redrawing the sprites.

Even though the dialogue was in a language I don’t understand, I had fun with this game! It’s very tense and audio-visually coherent. The mechanic of being able to absorb some objects while staying away from others is fun, the music fits like a glove with the tense-ness of the game. I wasn’t able to beat the game, but then, I’m not that good…

You're not the first to not speak french, if i have the time, i'll translate the dialogue. I'm glad you liked the game, thanks a lot for the feedback.